• Magical and Medicinal Herbs: Coriander

    Long before ancient herbalists started singing its praises, coriander was already a world traveling superstar. Dig deeper into your herbal education with coriander.
  • Magical and Medicinal Herbs: Astragalus Root

    Astragalus is another exotic herb that many of us in North America will never be able to grow in our gardens. This doesn't discount the magical and medicinal properties that make it so valueable to the home apothecary. On the contrary, it seems like maybe early spice traders missed the boat by focusing on the more flamboyant spices of cinnamon and clove.
  • Magical and Medicinal Herbs: Cinnamon

    It isn’t likely that very many of us in North America will ever get to wild forage for cinnamon. However, this exotic spice is a worthy addition to your home apothecary and magical shelf.
  • Magical and Medicinal Herbs: Nettle

    Sometimes magical and medicinal plants aren't quite what they seem. At first blush, Stinging Nettle sounds like something to be avoided, but this plant ally is well worth getting to know. Add this one to your apothecary, your magical shelf, and even to your diet.

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